"When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears." - Buddhist Proverb

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Who we are

Simply put,

✓ We are a 10-year old Organization that specializes in creating customized training solutions for Organizations across industry segments.
✓ We also provide Coaching Solutions to our clients.
✓ We design and develop Workshops on Leadership and everything that entails – and, there’s quite a bit to it!
✓ We also provide a choice of global workshops and learning modules, right here in India.


At a deeper level, Metamorphosis is an Organization that endeavors to be an agent of positive change – a catalyst of sorts – to help individuals and Organizations take stock of their ‘Status Quo’ and initiate a process of transformation in the continuum of learning.


Our strategy to do this is by employing neuroscience and proven techniques in an environment that promotes ideating, brainstorming, discussion, play, collaboration, and experiential learning.