“While you’re busy making a living, don’t forget to make a life.” - Dolly Parton

Our Flagship Programs

Our continued interaction with our clients and a keen focus on what’s needed has given us the impetus to create a few world-class offerings, right here in India.

Here’s a few of the flagship programs we’ve created for our clients:

     ✓ The Happiness Program: Finding Balance in Everyday Life

     ✓ The Personal Effectiveness Program: Clarity, Competence and Commitment in Life

     ✓ The Workshop on Motivation: The Meta-5 Model to unlocking our higher selves

     ✓ The Workshop on Habits: Interlocking Patterns and Excellence

     ✓ The Workshop on Focus: Building Bridges of Sustained Growth

     ✓ Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

     ✓ Social Intelligence

     ✓ Creative Intelligence

      ✓ The Science of Decision Making

      ✓ The Metamorphosis Leadership Program (customized for different levels)

      ✓ The Metamorphosis Coaching Program

      ✓ Creating Visibility at Work & Personal Branding

      ✓ The Neuroscience of Leadership

      ✓ Managerial Skills Workshop

      ✓ Design Thinking & Innovation

To request a write up on any of our flagship programs, leave your details here.