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Other Corporate Workshops

At Metamorphosis, we have a plethora of options to meet every corporate training requirement. In working closely with each Organization, care is taken to customize workshops that result in optimum learning and skill enhancement.

Here’s a few of the Bespoke Corporate Workshops we’ve customized in the past for our clients:

    ✓ Leadership Communication: Global Communication Skills

    ✓ Design Thinking & Innovation

    ✓ Conflict Management

    ✓ Time Management

    ✓ Negotiation Skills

    ✓ Time Management & Goal Setting

    ✓ Corporate Etiquette

    ✓ Corporate Preparedness and Empowerment Programme

    ✓ Feedback for Quality Coaching

    ✓ Sales Training / Effective Selling Skills

    ✓ Coaching and Mentoring

    ✓ Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

    ✓ Building Visibility at the Workplace

    ✓ Accountability, Ownership & Responsibility

    ✓ Assertiveness

English Language Fluency:

    ✓ Functional English Language Enhancement Workshops

    ✓ Phonetics

    ✓ Interview and Group Discussion Skills

    ✓ Resume Writing

    ✓ Voice and Accent Neutralization

    ✓ Pronunciation and Vocabulary Building Workshops

    ✓ Functional English Learning Interventions

Communication Skills:

    ✓ Vocal Efficiency

    ✓ Business Communication

    ✓ Business Writing Skills / Business English

    ✓ Email Etiquette / Telephone Etiquette

    ✓ Effective Presentation Skills

    ✓ Public Speaking and Microphone Management Skills

    ✓ Dynamic Listening Skills

    ✓ Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Skills

To talk through your Corporate requirements, leave us your comments here.